Experience Susan Brings to Her Work

From 1990 to 2003, Susan Frost held top administrative positions at Emory University, one of the fastest growing private research universities in the U.S. over the last decade.

To advance Emory’s development during that time, Susan designed and led efforts with then Provost Rebecca Chopp (currently president of Colgate University) to improve faculty quality and scholarship, enrich intellectual engagement, and sharpen specific aspects of Emory’s mission.

Under her leadership, strategic initiatives such as Research at Emory and Teaching at Emory brought faculty together in a university-wide effort to provide direction and build on existing strengths. These two-year faculty commissions evolved from an earlier, comprehensive effort to articulate Emory’s vision, Choices and Responsibility , which Susan helped guide.

As a foundation for her academic leadership, Susan’s own research has investigated how scholars form collaborative ties and how those ties can distinguish an institution’s academic profile. She and her colleagues have also studied intellectual initiatives, centers and institutes to learn how they form and flourish; and how research faculty can guide teaching excellence. (See Resources to learn more about these research findings.)

Recognizing that good communication is critical in a diverse intellectual community, Susan designed and implemented the Academic Exchange, a scholarly in-house newsletter for faculty, and designed In Celebration of Scholarship, a regular series of events to honor distinguished faculty achievement.

Currently, Susan is an adjunct professor at Emory, where she teaches a course on the American University in the Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts. She is also a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Higher Education at The University of Georgia. The Institute is known for its interdisciplinary approach to teaching and research.

See Susan’s vita for a complete list of her publications.