Collaborating for an Interdisciplinary Approach

Researchers from every field recognize the value of an interdisciplinary approach that brings together scholars with diverse strengths to solve complex problems. Susan takes a similar approach to academic leadership by collaborating when it adds value for the client.

For over a decade, she has collaborated with CFAR-The Center for Applied Research, a management consulting firm with offices in Philadelphia and Boston, and CFAR principals Larry Hirschhorn and Barry Dornfeld.

Trained as an economist, Larry works from a multidisciplinary perspective. To answer the simple question “What’s going on here?” he considers quantitative financial data, operational realities of the enterprise, organizational culture, and the psychodynamics of the leadership team. Larry’s books include Reworking Authority and The Workplace Within (MIT Press, 1998 and 1990).

Barry advises profit and non-profit organizations, and is an expert on organizational culture and change, strategy, leadership and governance. He uses ethnographic skills to analyze challenges and engage groups and develop strategies for change. He is co-author of The Moment You Can’t Ignore: When Big Trouble Leads to a Great Future (PublicAffairs Books, 2014).