Susan Frost Consulting

Executive Coaching and Strategy Consulting in Higher Education

Susan Frost has over 25 years of experience in drawing on the best elements of leaders and institutions to shape new strategies for the future while engaging stakeholders and transforming pressures into productive change. Because she recognizes that new strengths emerge organically from an institution’s core, she does not rely on recipes or routine approaches. She works closely with leaders to look for the patterns and tensions that define a particular place and uses those forces as tools of change.

About Susan Frost

Her work also provides other valuable outcomes to clients. As a result of her approach, colleges and universities usually develop a more vibrant collaborative environment and stronger professional ties among community members, especially faculty. These qualities, in turn, lead to a more distinguished (and distinguishable) academic profile and to a more robust and competitive institution overall. In foundations, consortia and professional organizations, these qualities sharpen programmatic goals and amplify investment gains.

Areas of Expertise Include