Executive Coaching for Higher Education Leaders and Teams at All Levels

At times, leaders at all levels need a supportive, knowledgeable, confidential guide to help them learn a new administrative role or on-board to a new institution; or to serve as a safe harbor or partner to develop new ideas and strategies for change at any time in their leadership career.

This work is an excellent fit for Susan’s scholarship, skill and experience.  Now board members and other expect a pace of change that is ever accelerating, causing them to expect more creative, innovative work in a shorter period of time from presidents. In turn, presidents and other top leaders anticipate the same from their direct reports. 

Meeting these expectations can be tough, and yet falling short can affect a leader’s entire term. Susan is skilled at helping leaders meet these expectations and more. In recent engagements she has guided leaders through:

  • Developing and executing strategy and connecting strategic goals to concrete fundraising targets
  • Aligning the strategic aims of a school, initiative or administrative function to the strategic goals of the overall institution 
  • Building and leading teams and activating them to promote active, productive community on campus
  • Creating promising initiatives that engage faculty, and, where relevant, outside partners from a wide array of fields
  • Repairing damage in ways that lead to greater effectiveness and commitment
  • Communicating more powerfully and consistently with faculty and other audiences

Susan’s coaching role provides other valuable outcomes and efficiencies.

  • As one result of her approach, her clients learn new skills and outlooks, positioning them to move forward on their own after working with Susan.
  • This coaching approach is highly cost effective.  Rather than spending considerable time at an institution, Susan teaches a leader and his or her team how to develop and accomplish their goals.
  • As a third benefit, the colleges or university usually develops a more vibrant collaborative environment and stronger professional ties among community members. These qualities, in turn, lead to a more distinguished (and distinguishable) academic profile and a more robust and competitive institution overall.

Sometimes a leader engages Susan directly, and sometimes a president asks her to help a direct report or a developing leader he or she is guiding. In each case, productive collaboration results. 

Susan describes steps toward building a vibrant coaching relationship here